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Welcome to ZOUP Creative

Thank you for visiting our website.

Zoup Creative is a progressive graphic design firm that is dedicated to developing strong design while focusing on the needs of our clients.

In today's competitive business environment it is crucial to project the right image and to find innovative ways to get noticed.

Whether you need a new logo, branding program, brochure, catalogue or website, we can help make sense of it all.

Let our wealth of industry knowledge and wide range of experience generate positive results for you.

At Zoup Creative, we explore new ideas to uncover the best solution. We invite you to contact us to discover how to attract more business to your business.

About Zoup

High-quality design is not just simply producing work that looks pleasing.  It’s a process; a sensibility; a professional and artistic discipline with a specific directive in mind.

It is our job to fully understand your needs.

At Zoup Creative we recognize the importance of strong communication. We immerse ourselves in your project’s objectives and want to fully understand your business values, history and market so we can determine a powerful solution that represents you accurately.

Utilizing our experience, technical expertise, aesthetic judgment and problem solving skills we perform a strategic analysis and needs assessment to then create a dynamic, visually engaging and meaningful outcome.

Whether it is print design, logo identity, direct mail, packaging, signage, video or internet solutions, Zoup Creative is here for you to generate results.

Introducing the Zoup Creative Partners:

Claudine Forget-Benoit

Having worked in the Graphic Design field for 19 years, Claudine has developed a diverse design background in commercial printing, corporate and non-corporate design, advertising, publishing and pharmaceutical marketing. Her experience includes a wide variety of print material for such clients as Biogen Idec Canada Inc., Carswell Thompson Publishing, MacLaren Art Centre, Paramount Canada’s Wonderland, Sprint Canada, Toronto Metro Zoo, Tourism Toronto, and YMCA. One of Claudine’s key assets is her creative ability to solve a broad range of communication challenges visually, through use of colour, typography, and design combined with a sharp eye for detail.

Having strong interests in the visual arts, Claudine presently serves as the Director of the Barrie Film Festival. She also sits on the Georgian College Graphic Design Advisory Committee – School of Design and Visual Art.

Claude Benoit

Possessing a hands-on background in the area of Graphic Design, Claude's true passion is in needs assessment and business development. Claude offers his clients the value of his experience and creative input to help find the right promotional outcome. Over the last 17 years, Claude has helped formulate and coordinate effective solutions in the areas of graphic design, printing, high graphic packaging and retail point-of-purchase display.

Along the way he has helped such companies as Energizer Canada, Philips Electronics, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Fiskars Brands Canada Inc., Sanford Canada, Acco Brands Canada, Staedtler-Mars Ltd., and Accumark Communications Inc.

What makes Zoup Creative unique in the Graphic Design industry? We have our own distinctive style, life experience, and brand of service. We want to build on our business relationships to keep you coming back.


Graphic Design / Creative Direction

Annual Reports / Corporate Literature

Marketing/Promotional Solutions

Print Design:
• Brochures
• Catalogues / Manuals
• Event Guides / Programs / Posters
• Journal Ads
• Direct Mail
• Sales Aids

Editorial Design

Identity Design:
• Graphic Marks /Logo Design
• Stationery
• Branding

Website Design & Development:
• Internet Marketing
• Search Engine Optimization
• E-Commerce
• Customer Data Base Systems
• Content Management Systems
• E-Mail Marketing
• Analytics Integration
• Flash Design

• Marketing & Sales Videos
• TV & Radio Commercials
• Webcasting & Green Screens
• DVD & CD-Rom Authoring & Duplications
• Training & Educational Videos
• Broadcast Television
• Pro Audio Productions
• You Tube Videos

Environmental Graphic Design:
• Retail Point of Purchase Display
• Trade Show Display
• Signage

Package Design

Project Coordination:
• Illustration
• Photography
• Copy-writing / French Translation
• Printing

Our Process:

At Zoup Creative we are good listeners, observers and interpreters. The pieces we create provide your target audience the benefit of our insight and learning of what you are all about.

Understand client history, values, competition, audience and what environment the work will be physically viewed.

Identify and define challenge
Determine needs, create a strategy and rough concepts while considering all options and their potential outcomes.

Idea selection and refinement
Narrow down strong possibilities and refine the best ideas.

Evaluate the process
Does the design work in the context of the situation? It is important that it informs, enlightens, and ultimately persuades the viewer while being memorable, useful and original.


Put visual solution into action while being mindful of expressed budget and predetermined time frame, ensuring consistency of elements and messaging.


We have built our business around the importance of creative thinking because we want our visual solutions for your company to be distinctive and memorable in the minds of your audience.

There are many ways a designer visually directs the viewer through a design piece utilizing graphic elements such as: strong typography, composition, use of space, colour theory, focal point, visual weight and balance, texture, imagery and layout.

All these things help in telling a relevant story with the intention of inspiring a desired result.


ZOUP Creative Inc.

Zoup Creative Inc.
418 Blake Street
Barrie, Ontario L4M 1L3

tel: 705.739.4935
toll free: 1.866.939.4935
email: info@zoupcreative.com

We look forward to hearing from you.

Welcome to ZOUP Creative | About Zoup | Services | Portfolio | Contacts